The Structure of Nawroz University
Nawroz University was established in 2004 under the name of Duhok University College by the Syndicate of economists in Dohuk Governorate after getting approval of the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region of Iraq dated 20/07/2004. Thereafter, the university began to accept students and initiated teaching on 1/12/2004 based on the decision of the Advisory Committee of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Region numbered 2/3 dated 01/12/2004. Since 2004, Dohuk University College continued to expand until it was changed in 2009 to Nawroz University according to the decision by Ministers Council of Kurdistan Iraq, numbered (2854) dated 15 / 9/2009 which was announced to all institutions of the province based on the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, numbered (517) dated 5/10/2009. Currently, the university includes five colleges namely College of Law and Politics, College of Business and Economics, College of Computer and Information Technology, College of Languages ​​and College of Engineering.

1. College of Law and Politics
College of Law and Politics is one of the colleges that follow Nawroz University. It was established in the academic year 2004-2005, and awards B. A. Degree in Law for both morning and evening studies. The college prepares specialized legal cadres to work in Justice and legal institutions. This can be brought about by enabling students to be acquainted with legal and political sciences so as to be knowledgeable about the rules of the current laws and assimilate their contents in order to know the extent of their relation with real practical life. The college, besides its academic activity, also offers legal consult to the various state institutions and holds workshops and training courses for the different society sectors. The Dept. of International relations has been recently opened to prepare cadres knowledgeable about International politics and relations, able to analyze politically, and can predict the nature and state of international relations, and the mission and duties of international organizations. Such cadres are also expected to be able to work in the institutions in relation with the research and political, international and strategic studies centers in addition 

to develop the abilities to carry out scientific research in the field of specialization. 

2. College of Administration and Economics 
College of Administration and Economics is an extension of the Department of Economics that was established as a part of Duhok University College in 2004. The College subsumes four departments, namely Dept. of Economics, Dept. of Business Administration, Dept. of Banking and Finance Sciences, and Dept. of Accountancy. It is intended to open the Dept. of Tourism and Hotel Administration in the future due to the importance of this Dept. in Duhok Governorate which enjoys a special tourism status. The College also aims at establishing relations with the local community and society so as to promote them for more betterment. 

3. College of Computers and Information Technology 
College of Computers and Information Technology was established in the year 2009 as extension of the Dept. of Computer sciences that was established in 2005. The College currently subsumes the Dept. of Computer Sciences which aims at augmenting students’ scientific knowledge through the local and international experts. It also aims at enriching students’ practical knowledge through the provision of modern computer laboratories, networks and logical design. It further aims at making available the scientific and academic expertise to the society so as to contribute to the development of Duhok Governorate. This is done through holding courses, lectures and seminars for the governmental institutions, schools and institutes in the city of Duhok. 

4. College of Languages 
College of Languages was established in the academic year consists of the Department of English and the Department of Kurdish. The aim of this college is to prepare academic staff who are well equipped with wide knowledge about languages in terms of their origins, growth and grammatical nature 

Nawroz University

5. College of Engineering 
College of Engineering was established in July 2013. It includes the Dept. of Computer Engineering and Communications and the Dept. of Architecture Engineering. It tries its best to be one of the distinguished and pioneering colleges locally, regionally and internationally. As such it competes honorably with its counterparts at the universities in the Region. College of Engineering aims at graduating engineering cadres who have high understanding and knowledge, are psychologically prepared and academically and practically distinguished, and enjoy the ethics of the engineering profession.