About The University

About Nawroz University

University Vision
The University plays a vital role in the society. It is a center of knowledge and influence. It is not subjected to the customs and conventions of its social environment. It rather has the initiative of influence and change. As such, the university has been required to gear all its scientific and educational activities to serving the society and setting out the capabilities of building and reformation which are based on a value system that takes both sincerity and good management of both work and science as its axis. This is carried out through the setting of the principles of awareness, discipline and identity and widening the realization of those students who are competent in their fields of specialization and have the ability to enter labour market that is prepared to deal with all related issues to their specialty.

University Aims

Setting out from the vision that embodies its policy, Nawroz University aims at:
First: Preparing specialized academic staff capable of working in the country’s institutions at large and those of the Region in particular and the private sector and is qualified to enter labour market and meet its needs and requirements by sticking to the criteria of academic quality.
Second: Participating in developing the scientific research environment by triggering both innovation and invention through annual research plans to back and encourage the carrying out of both theoretical and practical researches pertinent to the society in particular in addition, encouraging both writing and translation in the various domains of knowledge.
Third: Establishing links with the society and strengthening work with various society institutions by establishing joint projects and taking part in the solution of the social problems by means of the scientific consultant bureaus at the university.